Alpaca Walking Experience
Latest News 7th September 2018
We have a few Gift Voucher holders that seem to have forgotten to schedule their walks and time is running out!  Please book before your Voucher Expires or before we close 19th October 2018 for Winter.  Please do not contact us and ask us to extend your expiry date, we have dates available, please book.  Gift Vouchers do not guarantee or entitle you to a Saturday place.
"Gift Voucher Holders only Walk" this Saturday 15th Sept & Sat 22nd Sept 2018 2.30pm - 4.30pm (15th Sept now open to the public as only a small number of Voucher holders have booked).
Book by going to the Gift Vouchers Page and filling in the form at the bottom of the page.  Book quick as will be on first come first served basis.
Please note:

We open for our pre booked Alpaca Walking Experience's on Friday's & Saturday's (and  Wednesday's during summer holidays) until the end of October 2018

We have a planned closure from Friday 19th October to Saturday 27th October 2018 (Half /Term).

Our young Alpacas are almost ready for the public, we will add a few extra spaces on Saturdays but these spaces will only be available for adults or people 16yrs and over.

Closed for Winter From Fri 19th October 2018

Important Information for Gift Voucher Holders

We close for Walking in October.  Gift Voucher holders please ensure you book your Walk before your Expiry date and before we close for Winter to avoid disapointment.  We have spaces available for you. 
All dates are subject to availability.  Please note that Saturday's get booked up in advance and are on a first come first served basis.  Gift Vouchers do not guarantee or entitle you to a Saturday place.
Please do not contact us asking us to extend your Voucher because you can only come on Saturdays.  We cannot extend expiry dates when we have weekday dates available.
Bookings can only be taken through our online booking system, we are unable to take bookings over the phone. (Because we are outside working on the farm during the day).

Sorry we do not have a manned telephone and
we prefer communication through email or our Contact Us Form.

We will try to reply to you as soon as possible but during birthing season it is sometimes not possible to get in the office every day to reply to emails.

Prices increases from 2nd July 18

Improvements & Prices

Notification of Price Increase

1 Adult or Child 13yrs + Ticket with 1 Alpaca £25 going up to £30.00
Child Ticket 6-12 yrs (Sharing an alpaca with an adult) £10 going up to £12.50

Spectator & Sharer ticket will remain the same price.
Gift Voucher price increase with immediate effect.

All existing Gift Vouchers/booked tickets will be honoured at the previous prices.
We are very excited to tell you about the improvements we have made over the winter months to our Alpaca Walking facilities.  We have a lovely new building "The Alpaca Room" which we use for serving refreshments teas/coffee/squash etc with a small shop area and seating area.  We have a brand new bathroom (instead of our old camping toilet in our little shed) and brand new hot & cold water hand wash facilities just outside our alpaca area.  We have double fenced our area around our Alpaca Room so food and drinks can be consumed here.  We have invested in a new booking system which is now up and running on our website which means our customers can view dates and book and pay online on our website without having to contact us or wait for us to reply to emails to get booked in.

We want to continue to grow and offer the great service you expect from us and in order to remain competitive while retaining our quality, we are raising prices to some of our tickets with effect from next month 2nd July 2018.  We have not increased our prices since we started Alpaca Walking 3 years ago and we have made significant investment in improving our facilities to improve the enjoyment of our customers. 
I hope you can understand it is not something we have done without a lot of consideration.  I hope will enjoy our new facilities and we look forwards to seeing  you this summer at Winwick Barn Alpacas.

A Truly memorable unique opportunity,
Come Walk an Alpaca with us!

Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get out into the countryside for a fun 2 hour (approx) group Animal Experience at our Farm in picturesque Winwick near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire.  Minimum age 6 years.

Around 70 beautiful alpacas & their babies to see at our Farm. (Numbers changing as birthing season).

We are a private farm & not open daily.  Alpaca Walking Experiences must be pre-booked in advance.

Please note we are not open daily, we are not an open farm.

Alpaca Walking
Gift Vouchers available
- see our Gift Voucher page

PRICE LIST / Ticket Options

£30 Per Person aged 13+

£12.50 Add a Child 6-12yrs

£10 Add a Spectator

This is for 1 Person booking 1 Alpaca. 
Children 13 years & over can lead their own Alpaca and should be booked on this ticket.
All children 16 years and under must be accomanied by a paying adult over the age of 18 years.
This is a group activity and there will be other people on the walk.
This ticket is for a Child aged 6-12 years and will be Sharing an Alpaca with an adult booked under Ticket 1.
All Children 12yrs & under must be accompanied by an adult & share an alpaca.  MINIMUM AGE 6 YEARS.
Max 1 Child per Adult /Alpaca
This is a group activity and there will be other people on the walk.
This is a Ticket for someone who wants to accompany someone leading an alpaca on the whole experience but does not want to lead an alpaca.
Max 2 spectators per alpaca.
Spectators cannot lead the alpaca.
This is a ticket for people 13 yrs plus.
This is a group activity and there will be other people on the walk.

£15  NEW Sharer Ticket

NEW Farm Visit

Private Alpaca Experience

This is for 1 person who wishes to share an alpaca with another person who is booking an Alpaca on Ticket 1  This ticket is only for people aged 13 yrs plus.  This ticket can only be booked as an extra with Ticket 1.  Max 2 people sharing 1 Alpaca. 
1 Spectator can still be added but not a child Sharing Ticket.
A great NEW experience for those who want to visit the farm but do not
wish to walk an alpaca. Great for young and old and if you are not
physically able to do the Alpaca Walking.

See down below for full details near the bottom of the page to book.
Coming soon.
We are working on a new visit to our farm to come and see the alpacas on a private visit for 2 or 4 people and hand feed them and an option to walk them or just visit them.  Will be released very soon!

See below to book
Coming soon
Possible Combinations of People for Alpaca Walking

Please check here to make sure the combination is allowed before booking.  Our booking system may let you booking an option that is not allowed.  In this case will we contact you to inform you and change your booking to an option allowed.

  1. Ticket 1 £30 per Person aged 13 years plus. (This books 1 Alpaca) Add a Child 6-12 yrs (Ticket 2) £12.50 Minimum age 6yrs - Sorry No under 6 yrs allowed on Experience. Total Price for 1 Adult & 1 Child (6-12yrs) Sharing 1 Alpaca £42.50 Add a Spectator for £10.00 Max 3 People per Alpaca
    Option 1
  2. Ticket 1 £30 per Person aged 13 years plus. (This books 1 Alpaca) Add a Sharer 13yrs plus £15 (Ticket 4) Total Price for 2 people equally sharing 1 Alpaca £45 (£22.50 each) Add a Spectator for £10.00 Max 3 people per Alpaca
    Option 2
  3. Ticket 1 £30 per person aged 13 years plus. (This books 1 Alpaca) Add a Spectator £10 (or two Spectators £20) Total Price for 1 Person with an Alpaca and 1 Spectator £40 Max 3 people per Alpaca
    Option 3
  4. Ticket 1 £30 per person aged 13 years plus. (This books 1 Alpaca) Add 2 Children 6-12yrs Ticket 2 - Sorry this is not allowed. Each Child 6-12 years needs a paying adult to accompany them. Solution Add another Adult on Ticket 1. You cannot add a Spectator Adult as this will mean there will be 4 people to 1 Alpaca. Max 3 People per Alpaca for our Alpacas Welfare. Alpacas are nervous by nature and two children aged 6 -12 years is generally too much for our alpacas. This is for the welfare of our Alpacas.
    Option Not Allowed
  5. Ticket 1 £30 per person aged 13 years plus. (This books 1 Alpaca) Add a Sharer 13yrs Plus £15 Ticket 4 and Add a Child 6-12yrs Ticket 2 - Sorry this is not allowed. Only 2 people Max can share an Alpaca. This is for our Alpaca's Welfare. Max 3 people per Alpaca. 3 People trying to share 1 Alpaca is too much for 1 Alpaca. Alpacas prefer 1 handler max 2 Sharers.
    Option Not Allowed

More Information

Who is it suitable for?

Suitable for able bodied people aged 6 years and over.  Sorry not suitable for children under the age of 6 years or for pushchairs or wheelchairs due to the walk being around grass fields and undulating terrain.
We do not currently have wheelchair access and no disabled toilet on site.
Sorry strictly no dogs - not even in cars.  Alpacas are frightened of dogs and the stress of seeing a dog can lead to pregnancy losses for our females.

Opening Times

Alpaca Walks are available throughout the summer from May to October on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 11am and finishing at 1pm approx and must be prebooked.  We also open some Wednesday's in Half Terms. We do not open for Walks on Sundays.

This is a group activity and there will be other people on the walk.

Walks are currently subject to maximum number of 8 Alpacas.  We are training young alpacas to join the team.

View Available dates

Private Group Bookings

We can do Private Groups of Alpaca Walking for Birthdays, Hen do's, Anniversary's, any occasion, or just a group of friends where you will have an exclusive visit to our farm just for you.  We can provide upto 8 alpacas for £240 per group with a max of 8 people walking alpacas (£30 per person).  Minimum charge £240.00  Spectators can be added on at £10 per person. 

We can cater for larger groups of a maximum of 16 people sharing alpacas with 2 people to an alpaca.  The price would be £22.50 per person sharing an alpaca.  There would need to be a minimum of 12 people to book the Alpaca Sharing Group Experience. 

We do Private Group bookings on Wednesdays 11am - 1pm
If you want to come on a Friday or Saturday you will need to book our normal Alpaca Walking Experience which will allow you to book a max of 8 alpacas which is a group activity with other people on the walk.
Sorry we do not Walk on Sundays or evenings or Bank Holidays.

We will be training up some of last years baby boys and hopefully by July/August we may be able to increase the number of alpacas available.  Sorry we will not be able to commit to bookings until these alpacas have completed their training and ready for alpaca walking and we know how many are suitable for Alpaca Walking.

Please use the booking form below to make an enquiry giving us as much information as you can.  Thank you

  1. 1
    Group Meet, Greet and Registration & Health & Safety brief. Please wear Wellington Boots or suitable footwear that can be disinfected. Please arrive on time, no more than 15 minutes prior to your booked time.
  2. 2
    Meet the herd
    Meet our herd including any newborns out in the paddocks, short talk about alpacas and their fabulous fleece. Chance to ask questions.
  3. 3
    Meet your Alpaca
    We will then halter your very own alpaca & talk you through how to handle him, giving you a chance to get to know him, hand feed him and get that that all important selfie.
  4. 4
    The Walk
    Once you are happy we will set off on our gentle country group walk around our farm with your alpaca with a stop along the way or at the end for more photo photo opportunities. (Walk part approx 40 mins).
  5. 5
    Time to wash your hands. Help yourself to Free of charge Tea, Coffee, squash or Water and a chance to see some raw unprocessed fleeces.
  6. 6
    Alpaca Products
    Finishing up with a chance to browse a small selection of hand made alpaca products. Don't forget to bring some money if you would like to purchase a gift from your day. Hats, Scraves, Headbands, Sock Alpaca Soft Toys, Fleece,Pens and keyrings.



Click on BOOK to view available dates

See our Gift Voucher page

This will take you straight to our booking calendar where you can choose a date, book and pay for your experience.
Choose number of Tickets for Adults or Children 13 years and over and Children 6-12 yrs and Spectators can be added on near the end of the booking under Extras.
See full Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page.
Gift Vouchers are available to buy.  "Alpaca Walking Experience" Vouchers make the ultimate gifts for any occasion.

Please see our Gift Voucher Page  or CLICK BELOW to be taken straight to Gift Vouchers

New "Alpaca Farm Visit"
Now available Sat 23rd June, Sat 21st July & Sat 4th August 18
2.30pm -4pm approx

Farm Visit Price List - pre booked only

Adult (13 yrs +) £10
OAP or Carer £9
Child £8.50 (3-12 years)
Child under 2 years & under Free
Book Farm Visit

Great for people who want to visit but not walk an alpaca.

A great NEW experience for those who want to visit the farm but do not wish to walk an alpaca. Great for young and old and if you are not physically able to do the Alpaca Walking.

This Experience will be in small to medium size pre booked groups and will take place various dates throughout the summer (see our booking calendar) and will include the following:

🎈Meet the herd, see them in their paddocks and any babies, short talk on alpacas (in the paddock area not a classroom situation) with questions and answers aimed at all ages keeping it fun and informative. (Newborns due Jun - Aug).

🎈 Get up close and hand feed the alpacas (in a safe environment through a gate).

🎈 Great photo opportunities.

🎈 Get to see what the raw fleece looks like once it has been sheared from the alpaca and see the hats & scarves made from the fleece, browse our handmade alpaca gifts.

🎈Find out about needle felting and how you can make cute characters from alpaca fleece.

🎈Hot or cold drink free with your visit.

🎈 Opportunity to sit and admire these beautiful alpacas grazing in the fields after your experience.  Farm closes 4.30pm

This experience may also be suitable for Private Group Bookings.
Please do not eat or drink in the animal areas.  Please ensure children do not kiss the animals to reduce risk of possible infection.

Download “Avoiding infection on farm visits” PDF
Click here for download
Farm Visit
Terms & Conditions
Important Information for Pregnant Ladies - link to DEFRA

TERMS & CONDITIONS - Alpaca Walking Experience

Please view Full Terms & Conditions & Important Information & Itinerary for Walks



Booking Confirmation/Payments

Minimum age is 6yrs old. Children aged 6-12 years must be accompanied by a paying adult (booked as an Adult Ticket) who is able to walk with the child and share a lead rein with their child.  Adults must walk with the child and lead the alpaca at all times.  
*Sorry No children under six years are allowed on The Alpaca Walking Experience* This is part of our Insurance.
All children 16 years and under must be accompanied by a paying adult over 18 years & over.
Cancellations/Reduction in party numbers
If you need to re arrange your booking, please give us as much notice as possible, you may re arrange your visit up to 5 working days before your scheduled walk date. After this time, we are unable to provide refunds or changes, unless we can refill your place on the walk.  We will do our best to refill your place.
If you miss the walk due to a no show or being late or any other reason, you will lose any payment or voucher.
Once you have booked your experience you will receive a booking confirmation email.  You will be required to bring this number with you on the day of your walk.  You will not be able to attend the experience unless you have received an email confirmation reference number.
Your booking is not confirmed until payment has been received and bookings are on a first come first served basis.  We are sorry but any bookings not paid for cannot be held and you will lose your space on the walk.


Bad Weather

Spectators / Taxi Drivers

We try to take photos of you and your alpaca on the walk, we know it is not easy taking photos of yourself whilst walking and leading an alpaca.  We post them on our Facebook page under "Photos" & "Albums" with the title as the date of your walk.   We may also use the photos on our Facebook page, our website or to promote our activities or for media and other publicity purposes.  By booking with us we will trust this is accepted by you and all party members unless a member of staff is notified on the day prior to the walk or you contact us in advance. 
We do walk in rain but if the weather forecast is for severe weather or any unforeseen circumstances then an alternative walk will be offered to you. 

We will always contact you if we need to re arrange due to very bad weather.

It is very rare we postpone or cancel due to bad weather so unless we have contacted to re arrange please attend your Experience as booked.
Please ensure you pre book Spectator tickets if you wish to invite friends along with you on the walk.  Numbers are restricted and unexpected people may not be able to accompany you. 
Please do not bring any non paying guests as we are not insured to leave them on site when we go off around the farm walking. We are unable to let Drivers or Taxi Drivers stay on the farm unaccompanied even if sat in their cars.  We are very sorry but this is a requirement on our insurance.  This is a working farm. 

Staying SAFE on your visit

Staying Safe continued

Gift Voucher Purchase/Redeemption

Animals are lovely and messing about in the countryside is fun but you should be aware that animals commonly carry bugs that can be passed on to humans and can cause illness. This can happen through touching animals, surfaces such as fences, gates, the ground – even your shoes.
Thorough hand washing is the best way to prevent infection. Please ensure that children are properly supervised and that you all wash your hands:
Often throughout your visit
Immediately after contact with animals
After visiting the toilet
Before eating and drinking

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water after you have had contact with animals will reduce the risk of infection.  For more information please see the notice on entry to the alpaca area "HM Government- Avoiding infection on farm visits" .  This document can also be downloaded directly from our website.

Please highlight the importance to children not to put their fingers in their mouths or around their faces during a farm visit. 

Please do not eat or drink in the animal areas.  Please ensure children do not
kiss the animals to reduce risk of possible infection.

Download “Avoiding infection on farm visits” PDF

Once you have purchased a Gift Voucher you will receive a booking confirmation email and your eVoucher.  You will need the Gift Voucher code to redeem the Gift Voucher. All dates are subject to availability.
Gift Vouchers need to be used before the expiry date (which is printed on them) and before we close for Winter if the Voucher continues to run after we are closed but expires before we open in the following year. Please note that Saturday's get booked up in advance and are on a first come first served basis. Gift Vouchers do not guarantee or entitle you to a Saturday place.
Click here for Download

Pregnant Ladies & Your Health/Nut Allergies

Footwear & Bio security

We ask that Pregnant Ladies do not to attend our Alpaca Walking Experience due to the risks of being knocked or pulled over by an alpaca and the risks of Toxoplasmosis. 

The manufacturers of our alpaca feed cannot guarantee the alpaca feed is
made in a nut free environment.  Hand feeding the alpacas is part of the experience and we cannot be held responsible for someone visiting the farm and coming
into contact with nuts.

Please wear Wellington Boots or sturdy waterproof walking footwear that can be washed/disinfected to minimize risk of disease spread to our alpacas on footwear. 

We ask you to dip your boots in a disinfectant foot wash on entry to the alpaca areas.  

Sun hats/cream or rain coats/preferably long trousers etc are advisable weather dependent.  No open toe sandals or flip-flops.
If you have any questions please complete the form below
CONTACT US / Enquiry Form 

Ask us any questions about our Alpaca Walking Experience or Gift Vouchers.

We do not have a manned telephone and it is very difficult for us to take telephone calls when we are working on the farm.  Please use the Form below to contact us.  We will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours or asap.

We will try to reply to you as soon as possible but during birthing season (summer) it is sometimes not possible to get in the office every day to reply to emails.

Please complete the CONTACT US/Enquiry form below and click the "SUBMIT" button at the end.  This will send us a message and we will email you back as quickly as possible with the answer.

If your are purchasing an Alpaca Experience as a Gift for someone please go to the Gift Vouchers page.

Thank you
Message - Please give us as much info as possible.
What is your enquiry about?